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PearlSmile business

Over 10 years on the market

Explore the model range of Pearlsmile professional cosmetic tooth whitening lamps, usable materials for tooth whitening, and a range of retail oral-care products.

New business in 5 easy steps

Step 1
Select your tooth whitening lamp

Partner Sets

Each ‘Partner Set’ resembles a set of necessary professional cosmetic tooth whitening equipment for treatment implementation.
Select a Partner Set with an LED lamp for cosmetic tooth whitening that fits your business model: beauty salons, nail studios, and specialized salons.

Partner Set Pro

– LED lamp (PearlSmile-05)
– Nuancer (tooth shade scale)
– Comfort goggles (against eye strain)

Partner Set Studio

– LED lamp (PearlSmile One)
– Nuancer (tooth shade scale)
– Comfort goggles (against eye strain)

+ Free banner

Get a free ‘Pro banner’ with your ‘Partner Set Pro’ and a free ‘Lite banner’ with the ‘Partner Set Studio.’

This offer may expire anytime


Step 2
Сelect your tooth whitening equipment

Professional Select

Our ‘Professional Select’ equipment line was designed with your salon interior in mind.
PearlSmile has been pioneering and leading the market since 2012. ‘Professional Select’ equipment is no exception.

Lounge Egg Chair

Hand-crafted fiberglass egg-shaped lounge chairs are made to soothe clients during a tooth whitening treatment. The chairs have an SD card-compatible radio and speakers, a 360° rotatable mechanism, and the maximum convenient dimensions. The scrupulously picked color gamut will surely provide you with a chair color option that would compliment your business or become a jeweled crown for your salon.

Lounge Ball Chair

Plastic molded spherical lounge chairs are designed to fit any interior. Thanks to their neutral, transparent body, they will complement any stylistic solution of your business.

Treatment table

Our compact multifunctional additional furniture piece ‘Tooth table’ can be used as usable material surface, stool, or rest for clients’ bags or feet.

Want to be guided through the purchase?​

Give us a call: +49 (0) 211-416-670-89 | +49 (0) 211-416-670-88. We are available from Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. until 11 p.m (CET/UTC+1).

Step 3
select your tooth whitening materials

Kit Bundles

PearlSmile Kit Bundles provide easy, headache-free access to precalculated packages of usable materials for tooth whitening treatments. Each ‘Kit Bundle’ is a set of ‘Kits’ – single-treatment packages for treatment implementation.
Our PearlSmile Gel counts its 4th modification since its release in 2012 to the date. At Pearl Smile GmbH, we continuously strive to provide you with the best product possible. PearlSmile Gel and other products get constant upgrades in time with progress and market needs.
Our latest batch of gel was manufactured in January of 2023. PearlSmile gel is made in Germany.

Kit Bundle Super Profit

Is our most cost-optimized package of Kits for tooth whitening.

– 25 PearlSmile gel tubes (30 ml)
– 150 PearlSmile mouth trays (professional)

Your maximum net turnover after completing all treatments would equate to €8,697.-
Kit Bundle Super Profit is intended for 50 Intensive or 75 Premium, or 150 Express treatments.

Kit Bundle Balance

Our special Kit bundle with Pearlsmile powder is designed to give you a balanced option between the number of treatments and retail products to offer at your selling point.

– 12 PearlSmile gel tubes (30 ml)
– 25 PearlSmile powder(tooth whitening)
– 72 PearlSmile mouth trays (professional)

Your maximum net turnover after completing all treatments would equate to €4,802.-
Kit Bundle Balance is intended for 24 Intensive or 36 Premium, or 72 Express treatments, and 25 retails sales of PearlSmile tooth whitening powder.

+ Free 'Marketing Daily'

With ‘Super Profit’ or ‘Balance’ bundles, you also get a ‘Marketing Daily’ package at no cost. Therefore you may skip step 4 unless you need an extra Marketing Daily package or a banner.

+ Free webinar

A free webinar is included with a purchase of ‘Super Profit’ and/or ‘Balance’ bundles. Add to cart one of those bundles now and skip step 5.

This offer may expire anytime

PearlSmile treatment types:


Duration time: 21-30 minutes
Usable materials: 5 ml gel + 1 mouth tray


Duration time: 30 minutes (15 + 15 min.)
Usable materials: 10 ml gel + 2 mouth trays


Duration time: 45 minutes (15 + 15 + 15 min.)
Usable materials: 15 ml gel + 3 mouth trays

Step 4
select your marketing materials

Marketing materials

Choose marketing options that are right you. With ‘Marketing Daily’ you get original PearlSmile branded flyers, coupons, subscription cards and client questionnaires – everything you need to implement, advertise treatments and encourage your customers to buy treatments in advance. You may also get an extra Prime or Light banner for display.

Kit Bundle Balance

‘Marketing Daily’ is a set of printable materials needed for every-day business implementation.

A single ‘Marketing Daily’ set includes:
– Flyers 50 pcs.
– Coupons 10pcs.
– Subscription cards 10/10 pcs. (3 & 5 treatment cards)
– Client questionnaire forms 100 pcs.
– Pearlsmile finger brushes 100 pcs.

Pro banner

Transportable 80 x 200 cm full-size 500g PVC display rolled into an aluminum base. Case included.

Light banner

Easily transportable 29 x 41 cm mid-size 500g PVC display with flat seam on all sides and metal eyelets for easy wall mounting.

Want to be guided through the purchase?​

Give us a call: +49 (0) 211-416-670-89 | +49 (0) 211-416-670-88. We are available from Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. until 11 p.m (CET/UTC+1).

Step 5
register for an online tooth whitening seminar


A-Z Pearlsmile tooth whitening. After completing our webinar, you will possess crucial theoretical knowledge and technical skills in implementing cosmetic tooth whitening treatment. Our decade-long practical experience will become a roadmap to your success.
Currently included with a purchase of ‘Super Profit’ and ‘Balance’ bundles.

Take note of new techniques

Learn one of the best technologies in the field of cosmetic tooth whitening to keep up with the day and age.

Increase customer demand

Learn more about your customers to increase the demand.

Increase profitability

Learn about the market to increase your profits.

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