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About PearlSmile

Over a decade experience speaks for itself


What is PearlSmile?

A decade-long professional experience

Pearl Smile GmbH is a German company founded in 2012. It can be rightfully recognized as one of the pioneers of its niche. An eponymous brand Pearlsmile has become a synonym for cosmetic tooth whitening treatment as a whole and has a broad spectrum of personal and business products to offer.

Pearl Smile GmbH is keen on maintaining its solid marketing approach and focuses on constant innovation, development, production, and marketing of Pearlsmile tooth whitening products. We are also keen on a complete breakaway from a frequently met “box-pushing” business model.

Pearl Smile GmbH stands behind the expansion of the treatment assortment offered by the cosmetic salons and to provide double profit while implementing the manicure or other cosmetic treatments.

Cosmetic tooth whitening began the revolution in the cosmetic service field, particularly in cosmetic tooth whitening, fulfilling the need for safe and painless tooth whitening treatment on the market.

Collaboration with the leading German laboratories in the cosmetic field for tooth whitening treatment made it possible for Pearl Smile GmbH to lead the market. A network of specialized tooth-whiting salons worldwide honors the quality. It guarantees stable demand, the effectiveness of the treatment, and the company’s business model.

Become a partner of Pearl Smile GmbH and open new horizons for your business!

Demanded treatment offered by you

Pearlsmile is the only cosmetic brand for tooth whitening on the market to offer its own ecosystem and specialized salons worldwide.

German quality you can trust

We focus on constant innovation, development, production, and marketing of Pearlsmile tooth whitening products and tooth whitening business equipment all under one roof. So that you can be reassured of the reputation of products and services and a complete breakaway from the frequently met “box-pushing” business model.

Selection of tooth whitening lamps for your business model

Our wide range of Partner Sets and Kit Bundles for professional tooth whitening and a thought-out marketing strategy will help you quickly increase your business’s profitability without costly investments.

Over a decade-long experience

– Price-optimized treatments
– Service when you need it
– Pearonal webinar
– Tooth whitening LED lamp selection

Your extra profit

Crazy business hours

We know that “send us an inquiry” or interactive voice responders within standard business hours can be frustrating and ineffective. This is why we will continue offering a real person over the phone with extended business hours (from Monday through Friday, from 10 am until 11 pm, and even weekends). Our business hours match your schedule, not ours!

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What is PearlSmile tooth whitening?

Modern-day technologies made Pearlsmile cosmetic teeth whitening an affordable luxury for everyone!

Unlike traditional tooth whitening methods, cosmetic tooth whitening from Pearlsmile is based on the use of a gel that does not exceed the amount of hydrogen peroxide of more than 0.1% and is activated by the cold LED light. This combination allows for delicate tooth whitening without causing pain and side effects. Cosmetic tooth whitening treatment from Pearlsmile has a lot of followers around the world.

Tooth whitening that always gets better

New Pearlsmile tooth whitening gel with anti-viral and anti-bacterial ingredients.

We have perfected the Pearlsmile gel formula even more. The new gel formula allows optimal effectiveness up to the very last moment of the treatment thanks to its thicker consistency. As always – Pearlsmile tooth whitening gel is made in Germany.

Pearlsmile gel is applied on an individual Pearlsmile mouth tray. It is activated by Pearlsmile tooth whitening LED lamps: Pearlight Active, Pearlsmile One, or Pearlsmile-05 models.

Tooth whitening results are now possible for up to 12 shades!

Professional tooth whitening lamp Pearlsmile

Pearlsmile cosmetic tooth whitening gel does not damage the enamel. Cold LED light does not cause dehydration of the dental bone as well as gum damage. This makes Pearlsmile cosmetic tooth whitening treatment painless, free from side effects, and desirable for everyone.

Pearlsmile-05 teeth whitening lamp incorporates 21 OSRAM® LED diodes, A wavelength of 485 nm, over 50,000 hours of operational time, a USB charging port, and a sensor-controlled pad.

Visible results just in 15 minutes

Pearlsmile cosmetic tooth whitening treatment is just like any other cosmetic treatment. The length of the treatment may vary from 15 to 45 minutes depending on what results are needed to be achieved.

Great, bright results can easily be achieved in less than an hour.

Take a seat, lay back in a comfortable and cozy chair, and enjoy a bright smile afterward!

Tooth whitening with results of up to 12 shades brighter!

Results of up to 12 shades can be achieved already after the first treatment. Results may vary from person to person depending on the state of an individual’s enamel and dental bone.

During the treatment, the gel neutralizes the coloring pigment inside the enamel. The treatment can be repeated as often as desired to maintain the achieved result.

Affordable tooth bleaching

Pearlsmile cosmetic tooth whitening is 100% cosmetic!

Treatment implementation does not require any professional dental equipment or medically trained personnel. Tooth whitening equipment only requires a little space, and the treatment takes little time.

Pearlsmile cosmetic tooth whitening treatment does not cause pain or side effects during and after. Therefore this treatment can be offered at an affordable price range suitable for a wide range of customers.

Prepaid subscription cards allow for bulk-buy discounts to help reduce the cost of a single treatment even more! Now anyone can get the treatment before a momentous occasion, whether it is a wedding, job interview, date, photo shoot, or even a party!

Become an owner of a bright and confident smile.

Smile and bring out the smiles from people around you!

Business model

Pearlsmile business model has proven its effectiveness in the market.
Germany-based company Pearl Smile GmbH does not only manufacture cosmetic tooth whitening products but also does tooth whitening treatments at its specialized salons. A network of specialized salons worldwide is a sign of Pearlsmile quality guarantee.

New PearlSmile gel


PearlSmile treatments


Duration time: 21-30 minutes
Usable materials: 5 ml gel + 1 mouth tray


Duration time: 21-30 minutes
Usable materials: 5 ml gel + 1 mouth tray


Duration time: 21-30 minutes
Usable materials: 5 ml gel + 1 mouth tray


– up to 12 shades brighter
– results after 21 minutes
– absolutely painless


Frequently asked questions

+ information on cosmetic tooth whitening treatments and products.

Are there any side-effects?

The term cosmetic implies the absence of side effects and contraindications in any category, including cosmetic bleaching. The gel and its effect are harmless and cause no side effects. The active oxygen in the gel formula is activated by light emitted by the LED lamp. It does not damage the enamel, dentine, or gums. PearlSmile bleaching gel is made to comply with the European directive (2011/84/EU), does not contain more than 0.1% of hydrogen peroxide, has all the necessary certifications, has been tested, and most importantly, is made in Germany, unlike a lot of competitor solutions. The LED lamp does not contribute to the damage of mouth flora and does not irritate gums. The procedure does not have side effects and is guaranteed painless.

What is the difference between dental and cosmetic tooth whitening procedures?

Dental bleaching is usually implemented using highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide solutions. It can only be done by a dentist in a dental office or clinic. This may be the main reason for the high price of the dental method. A benefit of this method lies in the ability not only to whiten the enamel and pellicle but to also whiten the dentine. However, the dental practice may damage enamel, pellicle, and even dentine, which consequently causes an increased sensitivity in the mouth and pain during and even after the bleaching. Dental bleaching is not recommended to be repeated more than once per two years. However, color pigment accumulation in the enamel is an inevitable process.

On the other hand, the cosmetic tooth whitening method does not require an interval between the treatments. It can be repeated as many times as desired. You may gently neutralize the accumulated color pigment from the enamel and pellicle with active oxygen at any point without being afraid of the caused damage to the enamel, pellicle, and dentine. The advantages of the cosmetic method are the significantly lower price than the dental analog, the absence of pain during and after the procedure, and the absence of side effects in short and the long run.

What results can be achieved?

Results of PearlSmile cosmetic bleaching procedure at one of our specialized salons or partner studios are individual. Our cosmetic bleaching method allows for results of up to 12 shades brighter after only 15 minutes. The result will depend on the level of enamel and pellicle pigmentation, the thickness of enamel and pellicle, and the natural dentine color. We offer three different procedure types depending on the amount of pigmentation and the customer’s age in a given case. The tone of the enamel is measured before and after to document the difference. This also allows for the results to be immediately visible. If this is your first time, taking a Premium or an Intensive treatment is advised. You may refresh the effect at any time with the Express treatment every three months or at a preferred interval.

PearlSmile cosmetic bleaching is designed to suit all cases of teeth discoloration. Over a decade of market experience gave us a deeper understanding of tooth whitening and a personal approach to suit every individual. The new bleaching gel from PearlSmile is advantageous to competitor solutions due to its thicker consistency and the ability to stay on the teeth longer during the treatment, thus allowing for brighter results in less time. Please be aware that PearlSmile bleaching gel is always made in Germany and is always filled in tubes.

It is worth noting that the PearlSmile bleaching procedure does not include a prior cleaning. Tartar and old fillings on the front teeth may result in unwanted visual results like uneven discoloration. In such a case, we advise you to do the dental cleaning before the treatment or whiten the teeth using our PearlSmile teeth whitening powder to help prevent and build up tartar.

How long will cosmetic tooth whitening results last?

The results’ longevity depends on the aftercare, lifestyle, enamel thickness, and preselected dental care products. This is why we strongly promote the PearlSmile whitening powder, as it was designed in mind with enamel aftercare. It should help with the prevention and reduction of tartar. It is worth noting that excessive consumption of tobacco products, coffee, red wine, tea, and other high pigment-containing products may result in premature coloration and darkening of the enamel and pellicle. We also encourage avoiding such products immediately after the bleaching and advise for less frequent consumption. Nevertheless, our product line-up of dental care products was made with these factors in mind.

It is also important to note that our products are not designed to change the natural tone of the dentine but to remove the coloration pigment from the enamel and pellicle. In cases when the enamel is thin and has a lower density, the enamel darkening effect may come sooner. A thinner enamel and pellicle may be caused by a highly acidic diet and soft drink product consumption.

How often can I repeat the cosmetic tooth whitening treatment?

PearlSmile cosmetic bleaching method at specialized salons or partner beauty studios is very gentle. Therefore, no interval restrictions need to be observed between each bleaching. Pricing is made in mind to be affordable for a wide income range. You may always visit one of our locations around the EU for a refresher bleaching just before a date, interview, or wedding. Depending on the pigmentation or the results needed for a specific case, you may also choose between cost-fitting treatments: Express, Premium, or Intensive. You may also purchase a subscription card which allows purchasing multiple procedures in advance with a discount. In addition, we recommend our Pearlight Active Set for home use. Pearlight system allows for maintenance of the result in the comfort of a home. The system can be used by a whole family. The achieved result can be as strong as the salon bleaching with a minor setback of a longer procedure time, which can be spent by watching a favorite movie or TV show. This kind of flexibility is only available with our products.

How does cosmetic bleaching work?

Once you visit one of our specialized salons or partner beauty studios, a specialist will determine the initial shade of your teeth and note it in the FAQ/waiver form. A specialist should be reassured that any of the visible rows of teeth do not have crowns, there are no deep cracks or damage, no dark old fillings, you are not younger than 14 years of age, and you are not pregnant or a nursing mother. The bleaching procedure can begin if you fulfill these requirements. You will then be asked to sit in an egg-shaped chair or a dedicated seat. The bleaching procedure is guaranteed to be painless. It can be considered a time to relax in a lounge environment. Then a single-use mouth tray would be filled with the bleaching gel, and you would be asked to locate the mouth tray in the mouth. After the correct position of the mouth tray is checked, you may lean back and take a comfortable position. At the same time, a specialist will place the LED whitening lamp in front of your mouth. The light emitted by the LED lamp activates the active ingredients in the gel during the treatment resulting in the discoloration effect.

After the procedure’s designated time is complete (15, 30, or 45 minutes, also known as Express, Premium, or Intensive Treatment), you will be asked to remove the mouth tray and lightly rinse the mouth with water. The procedure is divided into 1, 2, or 3 15-minute sessions (between which a specialist can assert the progress for the ultimate result). After the treatment is complete, a specialist will compare and note the achieved result. A specialist may advise you on further dental care precautions and possibly the needed products to maintain the achieved result. A recommended product could be a PearlSmile powder or a Pearlight Active Set for home bleaching. A specialist may also give you PearlSmile finger brushes that resemble a set of double-sided finger cots designed for instant pigment neutralization. PearlSmile finger brushes will come in handy if you have consumed products with color pigment within the 24 hours after the procedure.

What to look out for after the bleaching?

The active ingredients in the gel continue to work for up to 24 hours, even after the bleaching procedure is complete. We strongly advise you to avoid the consumption of cigarettes as well as foods and beverages containing color pigment for at least 2-4 hours. During this time, the enamel is more prone to coloration due to pigment exposure. We strongly advise having the PearlSmile powder at home for an evening neutralization of the coloring pigment collected during the day of pigment-containing products like red wine. Use powder as a prevention mechanism after a party or dinner.

Who can get cosmetic tooth bleaching?

Our bleaching procedure has no limitation on the minimum age for implementation. However, by ethical standards, we do not proceed with children under 14 years of age, and we do not perform the procedure on pregnant or nursing mothers.

In the occurrence when tartar is clearly visible, we advise our customers to complete a dental cleaning before completing the cosmetic bleaching procedure. We do not offer dental cleanings in any of our facilities unless our partner/specialist has a dental license and is positioned in a dental office or a clinic to perform such practice.

What are the reasons for enamel pigmentation?

Various natural reasons may affect the coloration of the enamel and pellicle. The most apparent reasons are smoking, soft drinks, coffee, tea, red wines, foods, sauces, and beverages containing color pigments. It is worth noting that more natural products, dressings, or seasonings have the potency for a more aggressive pigment coloration. Darkening of the enamel and pellicle can also be caused by certain medications and aging factors.

How does PearlSmile bleaching gel work?

Our gel contains whitening ingredients activated by a strong array of LED lights. These ingredients act on the coloring pigments in the enamel and pellicle and neutralize them. The gel and the LED light do not damage the oral flora or irritate the gums. The bleaching procedure is absolutely painless and has no side effects.