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Everything for a Smile Set

Full set for cosmetic tooth whitening

‘Everything for a Smile’ set for teeth whitening up to 9 shades and for aftercare of tooth whitening results.
  • Whitening anti-bacterial gel for 12-14 treatments
  • Multiple-use whitening lamp
  • Individual mouth tray
  • Non-abrasive whitening powder
  • Pigment neutralizing finger brushes
  • Elegant cosmetic pouch
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Teeth whitening technology

The gel, activated by an LED lamp, neutralizes pigment accumulated in the enamel, lightening it by up to 9 shades after the first use.
It is recommended to do a treatment once a month. The single gel tube is intended for 6-8 treatments.

Safe and easy teeth whitening

Duration of the teeth whitening procedure takes 30 minutes. The procedure is also guaranteed to be painless. Additional dental hygiene products in the set will help you maintain brightness and the health of your teeth.

Non-abrasive teeth whitening powder

The powder contains no dyes. It is enriched with pearl powder for mineralization. Recommended for sweet tooths and smokers. Made for plaque removal, tartar, and teeth whitening. Also, for maintaining results after teeth cleaning and whitening.

Finger brushes for clean enamel

Neutralizes color pigments from food, coffee, wine, and cigarettes every time when on-the-go and a toothbrush is not available. Contributes to maintenance of teeth whiteness after the whitening treatment.

Elegant multi-use cosmetic pouch

An elegant reusable cosmetic bag — a convenient storage space and a presentable gift package. You don’t pay for cardboard and don’t pollute nature.

Ergonomic teeth whitening lamp

The LED lamp consists of 2 rows of LED cells, each directed at the opposite row of teeth. This technology activates the gel directly on each tooth, making the process highly effective. When purchasing individual caps, the device can be used by the whole family or with friends!

PearlSmile teeth whitening gel

Cosmetic tooth-whitening gel neutralizes the pigment accumulated in the enamel, restoring the teeth to their natural noble whiteness. Thanks to its bactericidal properties, prevents plaque formation, and reduces the risk of tartar formation.
By adding PearlSmile gel into the cart you will get an option to choose a PearlSmile mouth tray free of charge at the checkout.

12-years of professional tooth whitening

Our company has been engaged in the sale and production of professional teeth whitening equipment since 2012, as well as providing teeth whitening services. The uncompromising professional quality, thoughtful technology, and formula from ‘Pearlsmile’ are now available at home in the form of a “Everything for a Smile” set.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 13 cm

Pearl Smile GmbH




Everything for a Smile Set


1 pc.


– Pearlight Active lamp – 1 pc.
– PearlSmile gel – 2 pc.
– PearlSmile mouth tray – 1 pc.
– PearlSmile powder – 1 pc.
– PearlSmile finger brushes – 25 pcs.
– PearlSmile cosmetic bag – 1 pc.
– USB A to USB C cable – 1 pc.
– User manual – 1 pc.

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