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Pearlight Active Set

Set for cosmetic tooth whitening

The ‘Pearlight Active Set’ is designed for teeth whitening, providing results of up to 9 shades lighter.
  • Whitening antibacterial gel for 6-8 treatments
  • Reusable whitening lamp (with unlimited LED diode life cycle and a 10 year warranty)
  • Personal mouth tray
  • Stylish cosmetic pouch

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Safe tooth whitening

The gel, activated using an LED lamp, counteracts pigment buildup within the enamel, resulting in lightening by up to 9 shades after the initial application. The teeth whitening lasts for 30 minutes and is assuredly painless.

It is recommended to do a treatment once a month. The single gel tube is intended for 6-8 treatments.

Ergonomically designed teeth whitening lamp

The LED lamp comprises two sets of LED cells, each targeting the opposing rows of teeth. This innovation triggers the gel specifically on each tooth, ensuring a remarkably effective process. With separate mouth trays available for purchase, the device can be utilized by the entire family or shared with friends!

PearlSmile teeth whitening gel

Cosmetic tooth-whitening gel neutralizes the pigment accumulated in the enamel, restoring the teeth to their natural noble whiteness. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, it prevents bacterial growth and provides protection against the formation of dental calculus.
By adding PearlSmile gel into the cart you will get an option to choose a PearlSmile mouth tray free of charge at the checkout.

Stylish reusable cosmetic bag

Stylish, reusable cosmetic pouch—ideal for storage and as an elegant gift packaging option. It eliminates the need for cardboard and minimizes environmental impact, offering both practicality and eco-friendliness.

Extra dental hygiene

You may additionally purchase non-abrasive teeth whitening powder and pigment-removing portable finger tooth brushes to assist in preserving both the brightness and the health of your teeth.

12-year experience in professional tooth whitening

Since 2012, our company has been dedicated to selling and manufacturing professional teeth whitening equipment, along with offering teeth whitening services. The unparalleled professional quality, meticulously throughout technology, and ‘Pearlsmile’ formula are now accessible at home through our ‘Pearlight Active’ set.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 0.275 kg
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 13 cm

Pearl Smile GmbH




Pearlight Active Set (Set for home tooth whitening)


1 pc.


– Pearlight Active lamp – 1 pc.
– PearlSmile gel – 1 pc.
– PearlSmile mouth tray – 1 pc.
– PearlSmile cosmetic bag – 1 pc.
– USB A to USB C cable – 1pc.
– User manual – 1 pc.

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