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People always want to smile

No matter how many cosmetic treatments one gets, the only cosmetic treatment that gives a youthful smile is teeth whitening.
Online seminar is only 279.- and also free for our partners.


Our exclusive tooth whitening seminar gives you 3 key advantages:

State of the art techniques

Learn one of the best techniques in the field of cosmetic teeth whitening to keep up with the day and age.

Increase customer demand

Learn more about your customers to increase the demand.

Increase profitability

Learn about the market to increase your profits.

Learn from the best

Find out everything about our marketing and technology. A-Z structured teeth whitening seminar is result oriented as never before!
12 years on the market – Over 10,000 satisfied customers.

PearlSmile salons

We know what is really important

Custom-fit training

Choose which areas would You like to concentrate your seminar on! → take me to topic areas.

Straight to the point

You may decide not only what, but also how you would like to experience the seminar.  Our 40-60 minute sessions are available by either telephone or online!

Get your customers on board with you

Get certified by the end of your seminar for customer reassurance. You will receive our certificate of completion.

Affordable pricing

Our seminar is offered at an affordable price of only €279.00. Our partners can benefit from an online seminar free of charge!

You get

What will you learn:

1. Method and procedure of the cosmetic teeth whitening Pearlsmile

1.1. Introduction: teeth, enamel, tooth bone, oral health.
1.2. Teeth whitening method, EU regulations.
1.3. Cosmetic teeth whitening implementation and difference between brushing and whitening, professional teeth cleaning.
1.4. Who can get the treatment, warnings and precautions.

2. How to perform the treatment

2.1. Types of teeth whitening treatments.
2.2. Individual customer approach, result prediction and a choice of desired treatment type.
2.3. Teeth whitening procedure rules for maximum effect and safety.
2.4. What can lead to an unsatisfactory result and how can mistakes be avoided.

3. What happens after the treatment

3.1. Brightness of the result after the first treatment.
3.2. Recommended intervals between the results, cumulative effect.
3.3. How to avoid unnaturally white results and how can a certain shade be requested by a customer.
3.4. frequently asked questions, expert answers and recommendations.

Treatment results

There is more!
We have a bonus for cosmetic industry specialists

+4. Sales bonus

4.1. White teeth for everyone: How to attract your customers to teeth whitening.
4.2. Constant results: How to maintain permanent demand (e.g. subscription system).
4.3. Use the trend: Teeth whitening as a complementary service (i.e. combine teeth whitening treatment with manicure/pedicure/eyelash treatment).

2. How to perform the treatment

5.1. New ideas: Advertising strategies.
5.2. Individual solutions: Every salon according to its style.
5.3. How to get more out of your working hour: How to make x2 or x3 times the profit spending the same amount of time.
5.4. Even greater profit maximization with LEASING.

Certificate to your benefit

You may get the certificate for just €39! (Certificate can only be acquired after the seminar is completed) *free with the current offer.


What do our graduates say:

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